Plot44 – The Story so far



So the growing season.

What can I say. It has been a delightful mix of amazement, weather and success.

For a first year growing at home id say its been more than what I had imagined it would be. The picture of a fine sunny day, sitting in the back garden and being able to see the fruits of your labour has always been an appetising one.

I set myself a few challenges this year with the main one being to grow as much quality food as I possibly could. There are more methods than growers in this world and I’m no different. For me I use a mix of 2 methods, no dig & square foot gardening. I’m happy to say it’s worked a treat.

October 2016 was the start of the project for me. The box was built using reclaimed materials from my previous allotment. The box dimensions are 3m x 3m x 1ft deep. Built simply by building a box on the surface of the grass, filling with leaves, grass and paper then topping off with aged manure.


Quite a bit of work initially but well worth it 🙂

Fast forward a few months and the initial sowings were planted.


At the height of summer the growth was amazing and lush. For me this is the proof that what I’m doing works.



So in a nutshell the season was amazing and best of all I had a brilliant little helper that made it much better. Everyone meet junior miss plot44. The future of organic growing 🙂



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