About me

My mission is simple.

100% Organic Growing. No fancy growing methods, no gimmicks just straight honest reviews and advice.

What You can expect:

Honest Reviews – For every review I do, you only get one thing which I think is the most important. Honesty.

I will NEVER try to sell or advise you against any product I wouldn’t use myself. All reviews here are requested by various companies who approach me to test them out. Unless stated I do not make any money from doing this, I do however get a lot of pleasure knowing that I will come across a hidden gem and are able to let you guys know🙂

My blog is always changing so please bear with me or feel free to pay any comments/ suggestions on the comment section below or tweet me on @plot44organics

Finally and more importantly you will see 100% me. My methods are different to any other person and that’s what makes us all unique. My outlook on growing is you have to find your own way of doing things as no two things are the same.

My Growing Style:

After running an allotment for 2 years I have now moved to growing at home in a 11.8m2 raised bed. My goal is to learn the art of seed saving and successional growing to allow me to grow all year around on my doorstep. For me getting children involved is key to future success so I always get my daughter  involved. She just loves growing sweet corn!  And if I encourage a few of you along the way im a happy man.

The environment impact to me is very important. I DON’T use/ endorse or recommend any form of fertilisers/ products that cannot prove to be 100% organic or biodegradable. If nature don’t like then neither do I.  I believe working with nature is a better solution.

For growing I use a combination of No Dig method & square foot gardening. This is exactly what it sounds like & is an ancient method that encourages & protects the soil eco-system and structure. For more information on this method see http://www.charlesdowding.co.uk/  where you can find a wealth of knowledge and helpful guides.

As I final note I would say the best thing to what I do is enjoyment. Gardening can be a real challenge but also a very rewarding past time. Some times it’s a serious business but trust me, if you learn to enjoy all the challenges the reward will be priceless.


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